Prospecting or loyalty,
your message sent to a qualified audience

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Target a qualified audience

A successful emailing campaign relies on a qualified contact base, relevant segmentation and good targeting.

Our team accompanies you to create the most effective email campaign to talk about your company, one of your events or a new service/product.

  • Communicate with a targeted audience
  • Get more visibility
  • Drive traffic to your website
  • Win new customers

Discover the industrial sectors
which you can address

  • Land transport and pipeline transport

    34.3 %

  • Specialized construction work

    21.4 %

  • Sale and repair of automobiles and motorcycles

    17.1 %

  • Wholesale trade, excluding motor vehicles and motorcycles

    12.9 %

  • Culture and animal production, hunting and related services

    5.7 %

  • Retail trade, excluding automobiles and motorcycles

    4.3 %

  • Rental and leasing activities

    4.3 %