Take market share
and increase my coverage

The problem

Many of our customers, whether they are online auction sites, truck rental companies or dealerships, have come up against the problem of expanding their market share and increasing their notoriety in their respective sector.

Address your message
to the right person

The various emailing campaigns have always generated solid results with more than 35% opening rate.

We seek to effectively target our campaigns in order to bring ever more qualified leads to the client.

Our different campaigns can address both buyer and seller targets, in any country.

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Target only your
potential buyers

Several of our clients have opted for advertising campaigns on our site, using several formats.

Our advertising campaigns allow our customers to significantly increase requests by email or telephone from potential buyers. Most of our clients earn 2x more leads in less than 3 months.

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Talk about yourself

Our sites each have a news section, which allows our customers to communicate about their brand, the release of a new product, a special event in the dealership, etc.

Your article can be written by our internal teams. A link to your company's site is always placed in the content of the article. All articles can also be shared on our social networks and in our newsletters.

Most companies that use this service want to strengthen their presence on the web and their SEO through netlinking.

Advertorials can be viewed up to 300 times in the first week. It is possible to promote the article by inserting it in our newsletter (12,000 subscribers in the truck sector and 4,000 subscribers in the public works sector).

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Increase the visibility
of your business

Social networks offer the possibility of reaching new customers. Posts on the networks bring visibility to our customers, while boosting the sale of their vehicles and equipment.

We share your posts on our social networks by sponsoring them to give them more visibility. By distributing your ads to a targeted audience, you will sell faster and gain notoriety.

A Via Mobilis dealership client asked that we share its ads on our social networks by sponsoring them. Each post garnered around 1500 impressions and 1 vehicle was sold out of the 4 that were shared.


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