Improve my international
business performance

The problem

You want to generate leads in France and Europe and thus increase the visibility of your brand.

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Try advertising and make yourself known abroad

The various advertising campaigns carried out by the client collected more than 705,000 impressions in France and 1,080,000 impressions in Eastern Europe.

Combined with a Genius package on, our client got more than 2,300 leads and 80,000 views from its ads.

Despite a drop in his ads while using the Genius plan, his ROI (return on investment) increased in target markets.

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Never miss a lead over the phone

A recent study made by Via Mobilis Extend teams shows that there is a positive trend for callbacks to potential buyers. 79% of salespeople who don’t answer the phone right away call back the lead on the same day.

On the other hand, in terms of lead processing time, many companies with more than 25 vehicles in the fleet do not process the lead within 3 hours, which remains the maximum duration of a so-called “hot” lead and which has high buying potential.


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